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Oral Care

This set features Tweezerman's famous Slant and Point tweezers in a smaller size. Each has Tweezerman's signature, perfectly aligned hand-filed tips. Matched with a fashionable leather case, this miniature set is perfect for purse and travel. A great gift idea! Tips & tricks: Use the Slant for...
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3 mins. 3 days. Once a month. +43% Boosting Effect** Boosted Regeneration* The exclusive Boosting Serum increases the effectiveness of the Advanced Toothpaste by 43%**, maximising the power of Enamel Mineral Regeneration*, even in interdental spaces that are hard to reach. Thanks to the NR-5...
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Relieve daily stress and tension with this lavender eye pillow from Holistic Silk. Larger than a standard eye-mask, this pillow is filled with lavender and organic beads. Covered in silk, when worn it rests on acupressure points which promotes clarity and calm whilst the lavender fragrance sooths...
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