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Screen Protectors

Canon Focusing Screen EH-S Screen Protectors 9136B001AA. Focusing Screen EH-S Focusing screen for the EOS 7D mark II. Canon. 9136B001AA. 4549292001983

Canon Focusing Screen EC-CV for 1D X Screen Protectors 6006B001AA. Canon Focusing Screen EC-CV for 1D X. Canon. 6006B001AA. 4960999840109

Canon EC-C IV Focusing Screen for EOS 1D Mk III Screen Protectors 1890B001AA. Canon EC-C IV Focusing Screen for EOS 1D Mk III. Canon. 1890B001AA. 4960999415949

Precision Matte focusing screen. Standard focusing screen provides both adequate viewfinder brightness and manual focusing ease. Precision Matte focusing screen For EOS 6D Genuine Canon accessory
£29.99 - £33.99
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Shatterproof glass screen protector with anti-stain coating to prevent fingerprints. Compatible with operation and tilting LCD screen.
£32.99 - £33.00
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For the Canon EOS 5D MkII digital SLR camera, the Eg-A Focusing Screen (Standard Precision Matte) makes it easier for the user to get a clearly focused picture using manual focusing.
£30.99 - £31.00
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The Canon Focusing Screen EH-A is a spare or replacement part and is the original matte screen that comes bundled with the Canon EOS 7D MK II DSLR. The finer microlens structure provides optimum focusing for various scenes.
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For Canon EOS 40D and 50D digital SLR cameras, the Ef-D Focusing Screen (Grid Precision Matte) maximises viewfinder brightness and is optimised for use with f/5.6 and slower lenses. It provides a 3-line (horizontal) by 6-line (vertical) grid for easier composition and horizon alignment.
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