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The Canon Directional Stereo Microphone DM-100 is an accessory developed for LEGRIA HD camcorders. By connecting the DM-100 via the Mini Advanced Shoe feature, the microphone can capture pristine audio at various angles by selecting from up to 3 directions.BenefitsRecord pristine quality sound...
£174.00 - £239.99
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The Stereo Microphone DM-E100 is the ideal microphone for vloggers and occasional videographers, looking to add higher quality sound to their movies and extend the functionality of their compatible DSLR, mirrorless or compact digital cameras. The microphone is small and light and requires no...
£85.49 - £109.00
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Canon SM-V1 Surround Microphone for HF M series Camcorde Microphones 4464B001AA. Canon SM-V1 Surround Microphone for HF M series Camcorde. Canon. 4464B001AA. 4960999671048

Fujifilm Fuji MIC-ST1 Microphone Microphones 16322462. Record crisp clear sound with your Fujifilm camera. The Fujifilm MIC-ST1 Microphone enhances the camera's stereo sound recording capability by reducing unwanted noises such as operational sounds while using the camera. Fujifilm. 16322462....

As the name suggests, the Hama LM-09 Clip microphone is designed to be clipped on to the collar or lapel of the subject of your video piece. Supplied with a 6 metre cable and windshield, this unobtrusive microphone ensures you get the optimum clarity of audio recording from where you want it. As...
£27.00 - £32.99
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Hama RMZ-16 Directional Microphone Microphones 46116. Hama RMZ-16 Directional Microphone. Hama. 46116. 4007249461162

Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone Microphones VBW30001. Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone. Nikon. VBW30001. 018208270453

The Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder is a feature-packed high-resolution audio recorder and music player in one. It's one of the first linear recorders worldwide to be compatible with recording in the FLAC format. Achieve nearly perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality -...
£149.00 - £168.00
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In combination with the latest Olympus camera models such as the E-M1 Mark II and E-M10 Mark III, the Olympus LS-P1 Video Kit (with 3.5mm Cable and Hot Shoe Adapter) is the perfect device to produce professional travel, documentary, event, wedding or music videos with Hi-Res sound or to create...
£109.00 - £129.00
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The Olympus LS-P4 Video Kit is a feature-packed high-resolution audio recorder and music player in one. It's one of the first linear recorders worldwide to be compatible with recording in the FLAC format. Achieve nearly perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality - but with...
£169.00 - £199.00
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Clear sound. Pure enjoyment. Get the most advanced microphones to date with the LS-P1 digital audio recorder: their 90° construction provides a great stereo feel. What's more, the high quality of their build means you'll enjoy clear sound with low noise. All of this and more is packed in a...
£99.00 - £118.00
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Perfect for broadcasting interviews and more. The Olympus LS-P1 Lavalier Kit combines the LS-P1 high-resolution audio recorder with a clip-on lavalier microphone. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand the LS-P1 has two high-quality microphones that capture sounds with immense detail...
£119.00 - £129.00
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Olympus LS-P4 black Linear PCM Recorder incl 3.5mm cable & hot shoe adapter Microphones V409160BE010. LS-P4 black Linear PCM Recorder incl. 3.5mm cable & hot shoe adapter. Olympus. V409160BE010. 4046628272524

The Panasonic DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adaptor for DC-GH5 connects to your Panasonic GH5 via the hotshoe and provides you with two XLR inputs, allowing you to use professional microphones when filming video. It features a control panel with various dials that change the levels, gain, and low cut...
£299.00 - £360.00
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Panasonic DMW-MS2E Stereo Microphone for GH cameras Microphones. This advanced external mic suppresses the camera's motor noise and handling noise to capture the sound that you're aiming for.. Panasonic. DMW-MS2E. 5025232702107

Panasonic AG-MC200G Microphone Microphones. Panasonic AG-MC200G professional grade XLR super directional microphone ideal for use with the Panasonic AG-HPX250 AG-DVX200 and HC-X100E. Panasonic. AG-MC200. 4010869109062

Panasonic VW-VMS10 Stereo Microphone Microphones VW-VMS10E-K. VW-VMS10 Stereo Microphone. Panasonic. VW-VMS10E-K. 5025232707904

Ricoh Theta V 3D Microphone TA-1 Microphones 910754. The 3D Microphone TA-1 is exclusively for the Ricoh Theta V recording balanced natural audio that captures superb detail and information across the range ideal for music nature and city sounds.. Ricoh. 910754. 026649107542

The smartLav Plus is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever professional quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment. With...
£47.00 - £54.00
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The Rode lavalier microphone is a high-quality, discrete, easy-to-operate, omni-directional polar pattern microphone, perfect for a wide array of situations: From theatre, to film and v-blogging. It is supplied with a mini-furry for wind protection and includes clips and a small, rugged...
£159.00 - £179.00
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