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Studio Stands & Mounts

Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact Photo Stand (Set of 3) Lighting Stands 1051BAC-3. Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact Photo Stand (Set of 3). Manfrotto. 1051BAC-3. 719821308034

Manfrotto 5001B Nano Photo Stand Lighting Stands 5001B-1. Manfrotto 5001B Nano Photo Stand. Manfrotto. 5001B-1. 8024221500493

Manfrotto Avenger A2033FKIT C-Stand Kit 33 Lighting Stands. A2033FKIT C-Stand Grip Arm Kit (Chrome-Plated, 10.75'). Manfrotto. A2033FKIT. 719821302858

Manfrotto Avenger A2009 C-Stand Base Lighting Stands. Avenger A2009 C-Stand Base. Manfrotto. A2009. 8024221551808

Manfrotto 033B Single Extension for Autopole Lighting Stands. 033B Single Extension for Autopole, Black - 78" (2 m). Manfrotto. 033B. 719821289012

Manfrotto 025BS Super Boom with 008BU Stand Lighting Stands. 025BS Super Boom with 008BU Stand Black. Manfrotto. 025BS. 6543210164413

Manfrotto 085BS Light Boom Stand Lighting Stands. 085BS Heavy Duty Boom and Stand. Manfrotto. 085BS. 6543210164420

Manfrotto 043 Sky Hook Lighting Stands. 043 Sky Hook Adjustable Gaffer Clamp. Manfrotto. 043. 719821288275

ARRI Compact Lighting Stand (050MKA) Lighting Stands LS.01. Compact Lighting Stand (050MKA). Arri. LS.01. 8024221013177

Lastolite Magnetic Background Support Kit with Stand - LB1121 Lighting Stands LL LB1121. Magnetic Background Support Kit with Stand LL LB1121. Lastolite. LL LB1121. 887827004998

Lastolite 4 Section Air Cushioned Light Stand - LS1159 Lighting Stands LL LS1159. 4 Section Air Cushioned Lighting Stand LL LS1159. Lastolite. LL LS1159. 5055135905602

Lastolite 4 Section Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Stand - LS1160 Lighting Stands LL LS1160. 4 Section Heavy Duty Air Cushioned. Lastolite. LL LS1160. 5055135900140

Lastolite 4-Section Lightweight Lighting Stand has plastic locking collars and extends from 85cm to 312cm in height.
£39.00 - £41.95
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The Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp is a smaller version of the popular Super Clamp. The 386B Nano clamp features a high friction tape which improves the grip, a high performance aluminium pull and lock aluminium handle, a unique surface design that was tested on the smallest surface enabling it to...
£29.95 - £42.95
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The Manfrotto 003 Backlite Stand (without Pole) is designed to allow you to mount a light close to the floor using the double ended spigot supplied. An optional pole (122B) is available to extend the height.
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The compact and lightweight air-cushioned Manfrotto 1052BAC Compact Lighting Stand is ideal for use where space is at a premium. It utilises the Quick Stack System whereby the stands attach to each other for storage and/or transportation.
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Manfrotto's aluminium Autopole simply clamps between the studio floor and ceiling. This shorter model extends between 1.5 and 2.7m in height. Pole diameters are 45mm and 40mm.
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The Elinchrom ClipLock Stand Set 2 includes two Elinchrom 30101 light stands and one 33230 carry bag. The individual 3-section stand is fully adjustable between 85cm and 235cm and weighs in at 1450g with a maximum load capacity of 5kg.
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The Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm is a versatile, aluminium articulating arm which can support up to 3kg and is designed to securely hold various accessories and enable quick positioning of whatever you attach to it (IE. lighting equipment or an additional camera). The arm comes with a central locking...
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The Low Mini Pro Stand is a compact lighting stand with a 1.5kg maximum load, 1.23m maximum height and a 40cm minimum height. It closes down to a compact 40cm, making it ideal for location work and travel.
£69.95 - £79.00
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