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Studio Stands & Mounts

The Manfrotto 035C Universal Super Clamp with ratchet handle can be attached to any tube with a diameter of 13 to 45mm. The clamp has a 16mm (5/8 inch) hexagonal socket, 1/4" and M5 sockets. It can be used to securely hold loads of up to 15kg.
£32.00 - £38.95
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This smart, well-finished and professional looking chrome plated C-Stand kit includes features a C-stand with 2 risers, a detachable base, 40 inch (102cm) extension and and a 2.5" grip head.
£264.00 - £292.95
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The Manfrotto 816 Super Salon 280 is Manfrotto's top-of the-line stand and brings the ultimate in stability to new heights in your studio. The rugged column is mounted on a heavy-duty cast 'T' base, yet is easy to move around thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels. They can be locked into position...
£3,499.00 - £3,985.95
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Aluminium boom stand with black finish. Supplied with an (empty) sandbag counterweight for maximum stability and smoothness. The boom is adjustable from between 112 and 191cm and will supoport loads of up to 2kg at the maximum extension.
£190.36 - £209.00
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The Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm is a versatile, aluminium articulating arm which can support up to 3kg and is designed to securely hold various accessories and enable quick positioning of whatever you attach to it (IE. lighting equipment or an additional camera). The arm comes with a central locking...
£145.00 - £160.00
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Your extra arm in the studio. One lever locks three pivot points. Supplied with a quick release camera plate with secondary safety lock based on the 200PL-14 system. Ideal for mounting a camera or a camcorder exactly at the angle you need it. Fits any 5/8" female sockets, works especially well...
£149.00 - £219.95
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The Manfrotto Heavy Duty Flexible Arm allows you to precisely position and hold lighting and camera equipment weighing up to 0.5kg. Constructed from 18mm diameter flexible brass tube with a 3/8" female thread on one end (which will fit onto the Manfrotto Super Clamp 035), and a 1/4" male thread...
£29.00 - £30.36
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The Manfrotto MN026 Lite Tite Swivel and Umbrella Adaptor is a versatile studio accessory that attaches to a lighting stand and allows you to turn and tilt the head and also attach an umbrella. It will accept an umbrella shaft of up to .47" (12mm) in diameter.
£29.00 - £44.95
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The Manfrotto 012B Backlite Stand is a versitile stand ideal not only for backlighting, but also for any low-angle lighting requirements, thanks to its minimum operating height of 9cm. The uprights are aluminium tubing while the base sections are constructed from steel for extra strength and...
£64.00 - £74.95
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Versatile clamp designed to work in conjunction with removable tripod columns of between 25 to 28mm diameter such as the 055 and 190 Series tripods. The Column Clamp can be securely fixed to solid surfaces or bars up to 55 mm width. The column with head is inserted into the clamp and locked in...
£79.00 - £109.95
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The Manfrotto 104G Wheel Set consists of three heavy duty 100mm diameter wheels with brakes which can be utilised to greatly enhance tripod mobility while working in your studio. Each has a M10 attachment.
£87.96 - £89.00
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The Manfrotto 244N Magic Arm is a versitile variable friction aluminium support arm with a central locking knob. Each end features a Type 17 attachment and the arm can secure loads of up to 3kg.
£114.00 - £134.00
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Articulated arm with large locking knob. Variable friction and locking of arm obtained by adjusting the knob. Supplied with quick release camera plate with secondary safety lock based on the 200PL-14 camera plate mechanism. Ideal for mounting a photographic or video camera exactly at the angle...
£139.00 - £199.95
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The RodeCaster Pro is the world's first all-in-one studio for podcasters of every level. Now, everyone with a dream to create professional-quality podcasts will be able to do so seamlessly with this new and powerful platform. The 4 high-quality microphone channels are able to power studio...
£463.00 - £1,084.00
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Kaiser rePRO Baseplate fits on K5615 Lighting Stands K5616. Kaiser rePRO Baseplate fits on K5615. Kaiser. K5616. 6543210099395

Kaiser rePRO Floor Stand + Base for 5612 Lighting Stands K5615. Kaiser rePRO Floor Stand + Base for 5612. Kaiser. K5615. 6543210099388

Manfrotto 033B Single Extension for Autopole Lighting Stands. Manfrotto 033B Single Extension for Autopole. Manfrotto. 033B. 719821289012

Manfrotto 043 Sky Hook Adjustable Gaffer Clamp Lighting Stands. Manfrotto 043 Sky Hook Adjustable Gaffer Clamp. Manfrotto. 043. 719821288275

Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact Photo Stand (Set of 3) Lighting Stands 1051BAC-3. Manfrotto 1051BAC Mini Compact Photo Stand (Set of 3). Manfrotto. 1051BAC-3. 719821308034

Manfrotto 220 Large Still Life Shooting Table with 79 x 49 Plexiglass Panel Lighting Stands. Manfrotto 220 Large Still Life Shooting Table with 79 x 49 Plexiglass Panel. Manfrotto. 220. 719821242079
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