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Flash Diffusers

Nikon SW-11 Extreme Close up Adaptor Flash Diffusers FXA10363. Nikon SW-11 Extreme Close up Adaptor. Nikon. FXA10363. 4960759025050

MagMod Starter Flash Kit Flash Diffusers MMSTRKIT01. MagMod Starter Flash Kit. Magmod. MMSTRKIT01. 854211005350

Lastolite Ezybounce Flashgun Bounce Card
£9.99 - £29.00
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The Soft Bounce for the A1 on-camera flash is perfect for creating a soft, flattering light, or in situations where there is no surface to bounce from, or if you'd like a more directional look than can be achieved by bouncing from a ceiling. Easy to handle, it clicks on to the magnetic mount and...
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The MagMod Professional Flash Kit enables you to control and diffuse the light from your flashgun to create beautiful portraits with a soft, even light. Its magnetic design allows attachment to almost any hotshoe flash with ease. The MagMod Professional Kit includes the MagGrip, MagSphere,...
£199.00 - £229.99
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