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Studio Backgrounds

Manfrotto Paper 2.72m x 11m Red - LP9008 Studio Backgrounds LL LP9008. Manfrotto Paper 2.72m x 11m Red - LP9008. Manfrotto. LL LP9008. 887827004219

The Manfrotto Pro Scrim All In One Kit 1.1x1.1m Small includes: 1x lightweight frame, 3x textile covers; (black, double-sided silver/white bounce and 1.25 stop diffuser), 1x grip head and carry case. The Pro Scrim All In One includes all of the essential components required for creative image...
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This simple dual purpose device prevents waste and keeps a neat end to a paper roll. Placed above the marked or damaged area it allows you to cut off the unsuitable paper without wastage. The Coloredge also provides a ripple reducing weight for straight hung backgrounds.
£69.00 - £81.95
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The urban collapsible backgrounds allow you to create the outdoor look in an instant. Whether you're in the studio or a client's home. Each double sided photo background has a unique urban feel and can quickly add a new dimension to your portrait sittings. No longer will you have to find...
£189.95 - £195.95
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The Panoramic Background Cover 4m Black is a Black crease free background cover for the Panoramic Background (LB7623). Featuring easy to attach clips. Please note: This product is the cover only and does not include the aluminium framework.
£224.95 - £231.95
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Colorama 1.35x11m - Spruce Green
£41.95 - £42.95
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