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Camera Sun Hoods & Viewfinder Attachments

The Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder is an ideal accessory for videographers looking to do a lot of over the shoulder or tripod shooting with their URSA camera. It includes a Full HD OLED colour display and true glass optics for perfect focus. Simply plug it into the power and SDI viewfinder output,...
£1,375.00 - £1,695.00
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The Ricoh GV-2 Optical mini viewfinder for the GR, GR DIGITAL IV, GR DIGITAL III, GR DIGITAL II and GR Digital cameras. Mounted on hot shoe. Includes 28 mm-equivalent frame (35 mm film equivalent) incorporating 1:1 aspect ratio marks. Field of view is approximately 85%. Includes case.
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The Sony EV1MK Electronic Viewfinder with 1.3cm tilting screen, 100% field coverage and 33.1 degree viewing angle provides the user with an alternative way of viewing the world. The XGA OLED viewfinder is compatible with the RX1, RX1R, RX100 II, HX60 & HX50 compact cameras. It has a high...
£299.00 - £349.00
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The Nikon DR-5 provides an upright, unreversed image for right-angle viewing, very convenient for waist-level or low-angle photography. Individual eyesight adjustment is possible with the built-in diopter, and the reproduction ratio can be set to 1:1 or 1:2. The DR-5 is suitable for use with the...
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For the Canon EOS 1D MkIII and 1Ds MkIII digital SLR cameras, Canon EG Dioptric Lenses provide near and far-sighted users with a clear viewfinder image without wearing spectacles. Canon dioptric lenses only handle simple eyesight defects of long and short sight, they may not help other eyesight...