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Camera & Optic Replacement Cables

Fujifilm CP-W126 Coupler (For cameras using NP-W126 Battery) Digital Camera Cables 16240872. CP-W126 Coupler (For cameras using NP-W126 Battery). Fujifilm. 16240872. 074101024760

Nikon MC-23 Connecting Cord 10 Pin to10 Pin Digital Camera Cables FRG20501. MC-23 (MC23) Cord 10 Pin to 10 Pin For D3. Nikon. FRG20501. 018208046539

Nikon MC-35 GPS Adapter Cord for D2H D2X D700 D4 D800 D3 & D300 Digital Camera Cables VAG12301. MC-35 GPS Cord. Nikon. VAG12301. 4960759123121

Olympus FS-RG1 Remote Grip Cable Digital Camera Cables N1313100. FS-RG1 (FSRG1) Remote Grip Cable. Olympus. N1313100. 050332143388

Tether Tools TetherTools Air Direct Phase One Cable Kit (1 X USB-C to Male B 1 X USB-C to USB-C ) Digital Camera Cables ADC-P1C. TetherTools Air Direct Phase One Cable Kit (1 X USB-C to Male B, 1 X USB-C to USB-C ). Tether Tools. ADC-P1C. 818307015135

The Air Direct Wireless Tethering System is a resigned system from Tethertools that allows for quick and seamless wireless image file transfer. Transfer both RAW and JPEG images straight to your preferred editing software - that's right, there's no additional software needed. The Air?Direct?has a...
£358.00 - £359.00
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Remote control release for MZ-6 and *ist AF SLRs including the K5 II and K10D. Plugs into the camera and has a finger trigger release at the other end of a 50cm cable. Ideal for low light and nature photography when the camera is mounted on a tripod.
£29.90 - £44.00
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A spare or replacement USB 3.0 interface cable for use with the Canon 7D MKII.
£36.99 - £37.99
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The Olympus AC-5 AC Adapter allows you to power the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II compact system camera from the mains with the HLD-9 Battery Grip attached.
£129.00 - £149.00
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When shooting indoors in a studio or on a tabletop use this DC coupler to provide uninterrupted power to your Canon EOS Digital SLR Canon DR-E18 DC Coupler For Canon EOS 750760 Box Contains DC Coupler
£33.99 - £38.99
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Enjoy extended periods of uninterrupted shooting from time-lapse photography to interviews. Simply replace the battery of your compatible DSLR with this DC Coupler for direct connection to the mains electricity supply when in prolonged use.BenefitsReplaces your camera's battery for direct...
£169.00 - £189.99
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Connect your compatible camera or camcorder to a TV, display or projector using this 3m HDMI cable. Designed with gold-plated contacts to ensure a reliable connection, this cable carries images up to Full HD 1080P for high definition visual display.BenefitsConnect your compatible camera or...
£46.00 - £60.99
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