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Musical Keyboards

Novation LaunchKey 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard Home recording Novation LaunchKey 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard. The Novation LaunchKey 25 MK2 MIDI Controller Keyboard is the all-new MK2 version of Novation's popular USB keyboard controller for Ableton Live.. Novation. . 00815301000464

TGI Extreme Series 88 Note Keyboard Gigbag Gigbags TGI Extreme Series 88 Note Keyboard Gigbag. The TGI Extreme series gigbags are made from a hard wearing grey woven cover and featuring 20 mm heavy padding / velour no-scratching lining.. TGI. . 05036678021981

Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Note Home Keyboard Keyboards & Synths Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Note Home Keyboard. The 61-key PSR-E263 includes a wide assortment of sounds, functions and features, including 400 instrument voices and 130 styles players can use to experiment and create their own music.. Yamaha. ....

Take your learning experience to the next level with the Yamaha PSR E463 Portable Keyboard. Easy to move easy to carry. You can take your keyboard anywhere. Practise learn and play at any time. Built with 61 touch responsive keys 2 powerful in-built speakers assignable live control knobs and a...
£275.00 - £310.00
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Learning an instrument has never been more fun! The Yamaha PSR E273 portable keyboard is a super fun instrument that is ideal for children. With 61 keys and a large variety of sounds and functions the PSR E273 is ideal for musicians in the making. To ensure that youre learning while also having...
£139.00 - £262.00
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The Yamaha PSR-F51 is a keyboard with 61 keys, 120 sounds, 114 rhythms and 30 songs. There's also a built-in metronome and a cool Duo Mode feature to play two instruments simultaneously!
£79.00 - £213.00
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