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Musical Instruments

The Spirit condenser microphone by Aston has a switchable pickup pattern and a 1-inch gold-evaporated capsule. It's a highly accurate mic that's suitable for a wide variety of applications and offers an open, balanced sound.
£269.00 - £296.00
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The innovative Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone produces rich modulation effects and responds remarkably well to the dynamics of your guitar playing. Use the pedal's various settings to generate a sea of sounds!
£102.00 - £117.75
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BOSS' MT-2 Metal Zone is one of their most popular distortion pedals. Now, there's the BOSS MT-2W from the Waza Craft series that adds even more tonal range and versatility to the original model.
£119.00 - £129.00
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Boss' LS-2 Line Selector offers two lines and six different loop modes. These loop modes determine the way in which the LS-2 switches between the two lines: A to B, A+B to bypass, etc. The LS-2 can power several Boss pedals.
£73.00 - £91.00
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Boss's OC-3 Super Octave produces high-quality octave effects with a single push of a pedal. It offers a dual octave mode, a polyphonic octave effect and a distortion mode in a single pedal.
£99.00 - £115.00
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The Boss SYB-5 uses DSP technology to reproduce the low, deep and sharp sounds of classic analogue synthesizers. The Bass Synthesizer is compatible with four, five and six-string bass guitars.
£127.50 - £139.00
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The NS-2 Noise Suppressor eliminates unwanted noise and hum without distorting the natural tones of your instrument. It is suitable for use with guitars and included effects but also for bass guitar players.
£79.00 - £85.00
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The Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist is an effect pedal for vocals. It creates vocal harmonies vocals based on a connected guitar or a selected key, and features compression and reverb for studio-grade vocals.
£152.00 - £179.00
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The Boss DD-3T Digital Delay is the all-grown-up-big-brother of the iconic, used, abused and beloved, DD-3. This stompbox houses outstanding, intuitive and renowned response with a healthy dose of streamlined functionality.
£104.00 - £145.00
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The ODB-3 Bass Overdrive delivers a deep distortion that's ideal for hard rock, trash and punk. The Boss pedal has been developed for the low tones of a bass guitar, so the overdrive sounds clear without a hint of muddiness.
£76.00 - £95.00
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Boss offer two foot switches in one unit. The FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching. Each switch can be set for both latch or momentary operation.
£54.00 - £60.60
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The MT-2 Metal Zone is one of Boss's most popular guitar pedals. A three-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control offers you a wide range of distortion sounds.
£85.00 - £99.00
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The Boss OS-2 Overdrive Distortion offers a choice between - you guessed it - overdrive, distortion, or a combination of the two. The distortion option delivers the subtle nuances of a single-coil guitar pickup.
£74.00 - £85.00
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With 3 hours of recording time in stereo and a solid construction, you will be able to enjoy this Loop Station foot pedal for years to come.
£119.00 - £129.00
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With the MKII, Boss has retained all the sound characteristics and feel of the original Katana 50 but with added updates to offer you more control, amp sounds and effects for those seeking even sharper Japanese steel.
£224.00 - £315.00
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The Boss RC-1 Loop Station is a user-friendly, stomp box-size loop pedal that features stereo inputs and outputs and a 12-minute recording time. Use it to loop your guitar, bass guitar, synth or microphone.
£83.00 - £89.90
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By cramming the SY-1 into a classic stomp box housing, Boss offers synthesizer effects without the need for a separate MIDI controller. Simply plug in your guitar to try out each of the 121 synth-style sounds.
£168.00 - £175.00
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The BOSS WL-20L is a simple and reliable wireless system for guitar, bass and other electronic instruments. After plugging in the transmitter and the receiver, they'll automatically connect to each other in about 10 seconds.
£143.00 - £159.00
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The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT offers the perfect solution for singer-songwriters to amplify their vocals and guitar in one go. This 60-Watt acoustic guitar amp is feather-light and beautifully compact.
£321.00 - £359.00
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The Nextone Stage by BOSS is a versatile, 40-watt guitar amplifier combo with four analogue Class A/B power amp circuits giving you four legendary American and British guitar sounds.
£373.00 - £407.00
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